Tony (Edenmore Counrty Club, Oct 2011)

Dear Pete,

Thanks a lot for great Ceilidh. I think that the enthusiasm with which the guests greeted your music speaks for itself!
The booking Process was efficient and communications from ‘Haste” were quick and helpful.

I thought the price was expensive, but we took the band on recommendation and I have no experience in band booking with which to make a comparison. I think good musicians are worth their salt and you folks were excellent.

The ”wandering mic” system used by the caller was novel and I think greatly added to the event The caller’s good sense of humour and drole commentary was enjoyed by all.

This band was well turned out, looked the part, and the equipment appeared to do the Job

Hard to pick out the best bits… There was at least one dance that I hadn’t seen before (“The Train” which was good fun for participants and hilarious for the on lookers. We enjoy the band renditions of “Whisky in the jar” during a breath moment. Someone commented to me that the band members looked delighted to be at the event which was heartening. The bride and groom had a ball — they were appreciative of being amalgamated into that first dance in a non-embarrassing way
We reckon that some of our guests, whom we thought may have left earlier in the evening, stayed on because of the quality of the band. We think that the idea of ceilidh may have been new to many of our guests from England — but they caught on fairly quickly.

Suggestions bigger dance floor to accommodate the myriads who wanted to get up and dance — but that wasn’t something that you could have influenced — you did tell us to ensure adequate space — we Just weren’t prepared for the enthusiastic dancers! Perhaps, in terms of information you provide, it would be helpful to know how long it lakes for a band to set up — that would help with planning – (sorry if you DID mention that and I missed it!)
Thanks again


*Note from Haste to the Wedding – we take about 20mins to set up – usually quicker than the venue will turn the room around. Covered in our FAQ!*