Robert (Portstewart, Feb 10)

Found the booking process easy and any query was answered promptly and efficiently.
With so many things to pay for, the price seemed at first to be on the high side, but my daughter had been at a wedding in Fermanagh that you played at and thoroughly enjoyed it so there was no question. Having seen you perform the price now seems extremely fair.
Caller and band – absolutely fantastic,
Appearance – my wife Aileen answers from here as I only took part in the first few sets and retired to the safety of the bar after being carried down the room by a very strong and very attractive Scottish lady!! Aileen says ‘looking good boys’
Best parts – all of it
Everybody said how good it was and went out of their way to tell us. Couple of flashbacks – an 83 year old lady up giving it all. An English primary school headmistress with a glint in her eye flinging me hither and thither in strip the willow. Have to say you handled any overexuberant guests well ensuring they didn’t spoil the enjoyment of others. Young people especially enjoyed the disco. Special thanks for allowing my son to take the microphone close to the end to sing Angles to his wee sister bride.
Thoroughly enjoyable night. Would highly recommend you.