Peter & Joy (Malone House, June 2011)

Hi Pete,

Me and Joy were very happy with the ceilidh music at our wedding (Belfast June 11/201.I.) and most of our quest have told us they enjoyed it very much as well.

After our initial request you responded very fast and just before the wedding you promptly contacted us to make final plans.
At first n stance one might think the price is a bit high but after we talked to one of our references she told us your performance was m ore than good value for the price. After the wedding we both agreed the price is very good value and don’t think you can get the same quality for a cheaper price.

The Band and the music flow was fantastic, all members are very talented and very nice lads. Of all the ceilidh I have been to, I have never seen a caller interacting and directing the audience the way you did it. It made the dancing a lot more fun since the moves we explained very well (even for new starters) and when things went wrong the caller took the initiative to correct it on the move.

The band and the equipment w as better than most ceilidh bands I have seen.

Best .. I think the part where the man had to carry the woman.. and the very last piece everyone joined in..
Everything was very well arranged; just make sure You maintain the same quality.

Thanks. Peter and Joy