Michael & Nuala (Drenagh, Oct 2013)

Happy new year, sorry we are only getting to thank you now, it been a hectic few months!

We have had so many people raving about our wedding band, I’ve passed your details on to a few people who are getting married this year so I hope they have booked!!

You really do have the patience of a saint!! Our guests were all in great cheer and slightly, over enthusiastic… Possibly due to a few too many, but you managed to get us all in line and dancing the legs of us!! We have so many fun pictures, everyon e is laughing an d smiling as they skip around the floor, great memories f or us to treasure.

I could have kept dancing all night, the music got everyone one up our their feet even the non dancers in my family…. My dad!!! I’ve never seen him dance so much at wedding!!!

You and your ban d really did make our night, thank you again, and keep up the good work, you really are a talented bunch!!!

Love Michael and Nuala