Mary (Talbot Hotel, Sept 2014)

Hi Pete,

I’m not sure I can do your band justice with words. But I’ll try.

First off thank you, again. The booking process was so easy with no stress and promote response. Getting quick response were so helpful and put our minds at rest (my sister couldn’t contact her band up to 1 week before the wedding, you can imagine the stress it cause).

The caller was brilliant, amazing ,the best! He really got the crowd going and the fact he was on the dance floor helped keep the dancing flowing and confusion to a minimum. Those never at a ceili before Loved it. Thank you.

I recently saw a picture from the wedding of the band all set up and playing, you guys look great. It was clear who was in the band (and no one was confuse as a wedding crasherJ)

Our enjoyment was the highest ever. I’ve a cousin (who is only 12) determined to have the exact same band at her wedding 🙂

I was concerned the older generation would be left out of the dancing and people told us we were taking a risk by doing something different. But you guys involved everyone and I’m so glad I took the “risk”.

Choosing a best part is hard: I’ll give you a list
· Hearing this over and over “the band is brilliant”, or commenting on the enjoyment they had, either by dancing or watching.
· Seeing my brothers (16-18 who never dance) up on the dancing floor having a great time
· The way you knew what we wanted, knew our concerns and just took over like professionals and gave us a great night..
· The banter of the band

There is no suggestion of improvement I’m afraid…I’d recommend yous to anyone and can’t believe our luck at finding you guys.

I really can’t express my thanks enough. We absolutely Loved Haste to the Wedding, including the name 🙂

All the best