Lisa & Mark (Corick House, May 2011)

Hi Pete,

Just a quick note to thank you for the entertainment Haste to the Wedding provided at our wedding. The booking process was very easy and straight forward and you answered any questions promptly, replying via e mail or arranging a mutually convenient time to speak by phone. ,

I initially thought the cost of the band was a bit pricey, however for the entertainment the band provided on the night it was more than reasonable and well worth every penny ,

The band and the caller were superb. The band and callers presentation, were very professional. This added and air of reassurance at the start of the night you knew your profession well. I’m saying this as I didn’t have the opportunity to you’s before the night of our wedding, although you’s had been highly recommended on how he made the night with his humor, instructions and he kept the more excitable guests from not getting to carried away! ,

My guests were Irish and English, and the Ceilidh got everyone mixing. It was commented after the wedding , by young and old how the idea of getting a Ceilidh Band was a stroke of genius as it got EVERYONE on the dance floor, bearing in mind that the majority of my guests had never Ceilidh dance before! However im in no doubt this was more to do with your talent as a band, as opposed to anything else. ,

Some of the best parts of the night were seeing the more reserved guests really getting into the swing of the dancing, seeing my brother carry my now sister in law from one end of the room to the other, (and she wasn’t getting the chance to protest), nothing like getting a proper introduction to the family! Oh and not to mention one of our English guests, giving a solo ‘Irish Dance’ at the end of the night! ,

Guests have been talking about the band since, saying what a great ‘do’ it was, and some have said that you’s are probably one of the best wedding bands they’ve come across. ,

If you do decide to put this review on your website all I can say to anyone this is. You will not be disappointed. ,

Lisa and Mark