Evelyn (Galgorm May, 2011)

We had a great time thanks and everyone enjoyed the music.

The booking process/Communications that I’ve ever encountered. I cant’ remember if its 12 or 24 hours that you state you’ll respond in, but you’ve met the bill each time and I work for a company that you state that you’ll respond in, but you’ve met the bill each time and I work for a company where service is crucial and people usually fail to meet my high expectations, so this is a refreshing change and it counts for a lot!

Price-honestly I thought it seemed like quite a lot of money, but I don’t have anything to compare it to and I’m still glad we booked you

The caller and band-great. Colin had just the right balance between trying to get people up and knowing when to leave someone – he stopped at just the right time when trying to convince my friend stuart to get up, (stuart would never be convinced to dance by anyone!) and it didn’t get uncomfortable.

Our appearance grand? I can’t really remember, you all looked fine and were wearing uniform t-shirts I think

Did you enjoy it – best parts? Loved it and was great that even though there were a lot of old folk that couldn’t dance, it was much more entertaining for them than an all night disco – also that it got some of the older ones up that wouldn’t have dance for a disco.

Any suggestions for improvement? Although I’m not great example as I’m not exactly what you’d call anywhere near peak fitness, (although same goes for most of my friends!), I was knackered after the first dance whichwas one of the easier ones apparently, so I’d suggest a couple of slower choreographed ones if that’d work to build up to the hardcore stuff!