Emma & Eimear (International conference Queens Aug 09)

Hi Pete -My colleague booked the band and he reported that it was a very efficient and uncomplicated process. I then took over and contacted you a number of times in relation to the booking and then later in relation to the times for the performance. All my e-mails were responded to within a 24hr period and all my questions were answered, so I never had to follow up on any of the e-mails and this definitely made me feel very confident that I was ‘in good hands’. You accommodated all our requests without any problems and were very flexible, we changed out times and also had asked if you could play some background music for Irish Dancers before the Haste to the Wedding set. These requests were met with gracious acceptance from yourselves which we really appreciated. I found the e-mail communication was excellent and I felt your customer service was super. in terms of the music, we felt that the band judged the audience just right and played the perfect music for them. The caller was fantastic and did a great job of trying to organise a very anarchic crowd. He was also funny which was nice. It did feel like he ‘managed’ things very well. We were very happy with what we paid for the evening. It was really good craic and I think our international delegates will be talking about it for years to come. It was also exactly what they all needed, something physical to let off a bit of steam after a day of thinking. One of them referred to it as the ‘dancing congress’ which I thought was great. We would definitely recommend Haste to the Wedding again! In fact my colleague has already done so more than once. Best wishes.