Cathy & Chris (Dublin, Dec 2010)

Dear Pete

First, thank you so much for a cracking night! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and know our goes. had a fabulous time. Tums out, most our siblings and our paren. were secretly sceptical before the wedding day as to how a ceilidh band would work. They all imagined an old man with a fiddle sitting in the corner. How wrong they were and were gracious enough not only to admit it, but also to dance all night.

The booking process was very straightforward. The fact that payment was through paypal made it that bit easier. I already had a paypal account myself (from using Ebay). I felt this added to the security of the whole operation as well. inspiring confidence that you are a professional outfit with legitimate setup. Clearing outstanding payment was also very easy and your arrangements flexible. !would offer couples the opportunity perhaps to pay £100 each month in the run up to the wedding to help spread the cost, however, this may not be agreeable to all – many will not pay the ferryman until they get to the other side. As regards overall cost, yes, I thought it was expensive in comparison to the usual show band/DJ. Of course, you get what you pay for, but still a little on the expensive side. It took me several extra night duty shifts to help pay for it! But worth every penny.

Communication was always prompt and straightforward. I use email on a regular basis so this worked very well for us.
Arranging the first dance was very, very easy. It was a relief not to have to look for a recording of our chosen song or delegate someone to bring the CD to the hotel. Your method of securing the track through iTunes is brilliant and provided one less thing for Chris & I to worry about.

You arrived on time, set up discreetly with no disruption to any guests, and got started promptly. The caller was fantastic and set the tone from the first step. His personality was as much as part of the act as the music itself and lent a wonderful sense of frivolity to the whole evening. I think my mother was ready to run away with him by the end of the night.

We took a risk in this being our only source of entertainment for Me evening; tradition dictating a show band followed by a DJ With a small crowd of less than 60 and a mixed age group from twenty something to eighty something, this type of entertainment was the only thing that Chris & I could think of that would work to ensure that everyone got on the dance floor at some point without anyone feeling left out. The younger crowd enjoyed the chance to mess around whilst the older generation relished the chance to show off the dancing skills of yesteryear that are so rarely seen nowadays. I have been to two Highland weddings in Scotland in the past few years where a ceilidh band was the primary source of entertainment. Both of those weddings were the best I have ever been to (with the exception of our own of course!) I hope that this type of entertainment becomes more popular in Ireland. All our guest commented on how refreshing it was. The mixture of the participative dances well the traditional waltzes went down very well with everyone. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that my eldest brother who taught me how to ride a bike when I was little would be giving me a piggy back in my wedding dress in a packed wedding venue in front of friends and family!