Arlene & David (Dunadry Oct 09)

1. The booking process was excellent and you were great at corresponding to my random questions and requests!
2. The music was fantastic, I can honestly say it made a great day even better and all our guests Irish, Scottish and English had a ball and many commented it was the best wedding entertainment they experienced.The ceilidh really made everybody get up and dance and it was noticed at no time was the dance floor empty.
3. The caller was fantastic, there were a few giggles at the Madonna esk headset, but it worked very well as everyone could hear what was supposed to be happening even though their feet didn’t quite end up following the instructions!!
4. We actually didn’t price any other bands / DJs as we found you’s very early on from an Internet search. However, the price you charged for the band and DJ was excellent and worth every penny.
5. The craic was great, the ceilidh really brought everyone together for lots of fun and made sure there were no inhibitions fir dancing to the DJ after the band.
6. We would have no hestitations in recommending you and I really think the way you are running things at the minute is excellent.