If you have booked us or been to one of our ceilidhs we would love to hear from you. In order that we can continually make improvements to our service and performance we are interested in your views on: the booking process; our pricing; communications; our music; the caller; and any other comments or suggestions that pertain to your experience of Haste to the Wedding Ceilidh Band.

If you wish to add any comments please send an e-mail. Below are a few received over the years:

Phelim & Oonagh (Dunadry, Nov 2011)

Hi Pheim & Oonagh

I found the booking process very easy to use Communication channels were always open and replies to any of my queries were very prompt.Hi Pheim & Oonagh
The overall price for the Band and DJ was very fair.Hi Pheim & Oonagh
The whole concept of a caller worked very well. Our guest very much enjoyed the concept. The overall entertainment was Superb. I would recommend 'Haste to the Wedding' without any hesitation.Hi Pheim & Oonagh
Appearance PerfectHi Pheim & Oonagh
The DJ belted out some excellent tunes From what I remember all my requests were played.Hi Pheim & Oonagh
We enjoy the package.Hi Pheim & Oonagh
I certainly can't think of any improvements.Hi Pheim & Oonagh

Catherine & Aidan (Belfast Castle, Oct 2011)

Many thanks for a great night, everyone is still raving about how much craic t was, It got everyone involved in a way a band or disco can't do, even those not dancing enjoyed the music and laughing at everyone else trying to do it, so all our guests felt like they 'd been part of the celebrations. The Waves of Tory was a big hit!

Booking process and communications were grand, price was on par with what we’d expect for wedding entertainment, and certainly well worth it. The caller and band were brilliant, and did well to get people up. The calling was especially welcomed as most of our guests had never been to a ceilidh before. You all looked great too 🙂

DJ was good, and seemed to play all the songs we'd asked for, although we were out and about talking that much I'm not sure, He was very friendly and played requests on the night which was great.

Overall, a brilliant night s craic and everyone was very impressed with it. If here are any more weddings or big events in our families I'm sure you'll get a call!

Thanks again

Catherine and Aidan

Ben & Deborah Parkanaur Manor House, Oct 2011)

The booking process was straight forward, very easy to arrange, in fact probably one of the easiest part of the wedding we had to organise! The price was worth every penny. Both myself and Deborah were delighted with the band both the quality of the music and the way all guests were encouraged to get up. The calling was very clear and easy to follow and made the dancing accessible to all, from first timer s all the way our experienced friends from Scotland. The drole commentary certainly added to the evening and gave a great many laugh. All our guests, of all commented particularly on how good the hand was and how much they enjoyed it. I can’t think of any particular best bits, there were so many highlights.

We certainly wouldn’t hesitate in recommending yourselves, and just want say thanks once again for making our wedding day so special

Best wishes

Ben and Deborah

Tony (Edenmore Counrty Club, Oct 2011)

Dear Pete,

Thanks a lot for great Ceilidh. I think that the enthusiasm with which the guests greeted your music speaks for itself! The booking Process was efficient and communications from 'Haste” were quick and helpful.

I thought the price was expensive, but we took the band on recommendation and I have no experience in band booking with which to make a comparison. I think good musicians are worth their salt and you folks were excellent.

The ”wandering mic” system used by the caller was novel and I think greatly added to the event The caller’s good sense of humour and drole commentary was enjoyed by all.

This band was well turned out, looked the part, and the equipment appeared to do the Job

Hard to pick out the best bits… There was at least one dance that I hadn’t seen before (“The Train” which was good fun for participants and hilarious for the on lookers. We enjoy the band renditions of “Whisky in the jar” during a breath moment. Someone commented to me that the band members looked delighted to be at the event which was heartening. The bride and groom had a ball — they were appreciative of being amalgamated into that first dance in a non-embarrassing way We reckon that some of our guests, whom we thought may have left earlier in the evening, stayed on because of the quality of the band. We think that the idea of ceilidh may have been new to many of our guests from England — but they caught on fairly quickly.

Suggestions bigger dance floor to accommodate the myriads who wanted to get up and dance — but that wasn't something that you could have influenced — you did tell us to ensure adequate space — we Just weren't prepared for the enthusiastic dancers! Perhaps, in terms of information you provide, it would be helpful to know how long it lakes for a band to set up — that would help with planning - (sorry if you DID mention that and I missed it!)
Thanks again

Tony *Note from Haste to the Wedding - we take about 20mins to set up - usually quicker than the venue will turn the room around. Covered in our FAQ!*

David (Radison Limavady, Sept 2011)

We were sending out thank you cards and I Thought it would be remiss of me not to drop you a line. Just to say a massive thank you to you and the rest of the boys in the band, it was a real talking point for all the guests and everyone we spoke to had a fantastic time. The music was excellent and really made the evening!
From Posted : Feb 19, 2010 09:44:15 PM Subject: NI Wedding Bands Oh FutureAggle We had Haste to the Wedding play at our wedding last year. They were great and everyone raved about them afterwards. It takes a lot of people on the floor to make it work but they were good at getting people up. We got the ceilidh/DJ package and the DJ afterwards was excellent too. The only problem was I couldn't do traditional dances properly due to my dress and so i missed out on some of the fun. I may stalk you on here, find out the details of your wedding and then gatecrash! I'll get my ceilidh yet!

Neil & Hannah (Rosspark, Aug 2011)

Hi Pete,

We just want to thank all the band for the ceilidh at our wedding on Tuesday 9th August 2011 at Rosspark Hotel. It really added to our day. Everyone enjoyed it and remarked on how talented all the band members are. We would highly recommend it to anyone and was worth every penny! The quality of the music was superb and we can honestly say that it was one of the highlights of our day - we will always remember it. Anyone thinking about booking with Haste the only advice we can give is - book now- you definitely won’t regret it!!

Neil & Hannah Brown

Kate & Chris (Lisanoure Castle, Aug 2011)

Hi there

Thank you so much for Friday night-everyone had an absolute blast and it got everyone on the dance floor !!!

Booking process- all good, only thing Iwould suggest is that you send a wee text on the morning of the wedding to say you all to see the bride & groom later. Just I hadn’t heard from you in a week and didn't hate reception as Lissanoure I was hoping you would turn up okay, thank full you did.

Caller and band was fantastic!!!
Appearance- fantastic!!
Pricce-100 pounds more Expensive than competition which might deter people"
I really, really enjoyed it though! Wish I had more time for dancing!!

Kate& Chris!!

Duncan (Belle Isle, Aug 2011)

Dear Pete,

The music was great! As you can tell probably by number of people. It was a shamed the ceilidh couldn’t go on for long but we had good time while it lasted.
The booking process/ communication –No-probs
Price seemed - fine
The caller and band -Great- excellent
Our appearance-Didn't notice any problems!
Did you enjoy it best parts?- very much.

The had lots of people up and dancing. I particularly enjoyed the crazy dance with lots of spinning around. The Dj in the evening was great - although very few of the requests were played – this wasn’t actually the music chosen went down probably even Letter. Any suggestion for improvement?

Had a great time –don’t see how it could have been any better. Maybe if it had gone on a bit longer... (not your fault obviously)

*Note from Haste to the Wedding - Belle Isle do not allow music after 10pm in the main function room, so as this wedding started late, we only got to play over 1 hour. Disappointing for us and the wedding couple.

Chris (Clandeboy Est, July 2011)

Just quick. email to say how delighted we were with entertainment for our wedding, exactly what we were looking for.

We found the booking process very easy, the price to be very competitive with the other entertainment options we looked at and the communication to get timings sorted was always quick. The band looked. the part we found the caller very friendly and he was able to get a good number of people on the dance floor with out having to force people on (very friendly).

To be honest the whole night went just as we hoped it would and given our dislike& disco cheese the DJ did a very good job of playing the music we wanted and also meeting any request(still can't believe he had a copy of the Ataris version& boys& summer).

All in all helped to make a great day into a great night

Thank you


Peter & Joy (Malone House, June 2011)

Hi Pete,

Me and Joy were very happy with the ceilidh music at our wedding (Belfast June 11/201.I.) and most of our quest have told us they enjoyed it very much as well.

After our initial request you responded very fast and just before the wedding you promptly contacted us to make final plans. At first n stance one might think the price is a bit high but after we talked to one of our references she told us your performance was m ore than good value for the price. After the wedding we both agreed the price is very good value and don't think you can get the same quality for a cheaper price.

The Band and the music flow was fantastic, all members are very talented and very nice lads. Of all the ceilidh I have been to, I have never seen a caller interacting and directing the audience the way you did it. It made the dancing a lot more fun since the moves we explained very well (even for new starters) and when things went wrong the caller took the initiative to correct it on the move.

The band and the equipment w as better than most ceilidh bands I have seen.

Best .. I think the part where the man had to carry the woman.. and the very last piece everyone joined in.. Everything was very well arranged; just make sure You maintain the same quality.

Thanks. Peter and Joy

Kirsty & Richard (Carnalea Golf Club, June 2011)

Hi pete,

Hope you are all well . Back a week from our amazing honeymoon and just getting round to providing feedback. We had a fabulous wedding and the superb entertainment provided by yourselves was the icing on the cake. We would definitely have no issue recommending your band and DJ. In fact the entertainment committee at our venue were enquiring about how to do ok yourselves in the future for functions. ,

The booking process was extremely simple and stress free. Any queries were answered very promptly and efficiently. Also we were always met with professionalism and nothing ever seemed to be a problem. ,

Maybe slightly more expensive than other ceilidh bands we had viewed however without doubt worth every single penny. They were extremely easy to pay and very reasonable for the brilliant service you receive. ,

The band and caller were always very professional and friendly. Our wedding guests have remarked how much fun they had at the ceilidh and in particular how good the caller was. The caller definitely had to work hard with the slightly ‘lovely/intoxicated’ wedding guests but responded in good humour and handled it very well. The appearance of the band was excellent, I think the most apparent thing was that the band judged the crowd well and geared the entertainment accordingly. ,

Our guests are still talking about the fabulous entertainment. It was so much fun however the 2houres went too quickly! I don’t think we could highlight a be part as the whole ceilidh was brilliant. I don’t think I have laughed so much trying to do a dance or watching people trying to do a dance. Our guests were fighting each other to get on to the dance floor.

Evelyn (Galgorm May, 2011)

We had a great time thanks and everyone enjoyed the music.

The booking process/Communications that I’ve ever encountered. I cant’ remember if its 12 or 24 hours that you state you’ll respond in, but you’ve met the bill each time and I work for a company that you state that you’ll respond in, but you’ve met the bill each time and I work for a company where service is crucial and people usually fail to meet my high expectations, so this is a refreshing change and it counts for a lot!

Price-honestly I thought it seemed like quite a lot of money, but I don’t have anything to compare it to and I’m still glad we booked you

The caller and band-great. Colin had just the right balance between trying to get people up and knowing when to leave someone – he stopped at just the right time when trying to convince my friend stuart to get up, (stuart would never be convinced to dance by anyone!) and it didn’t get uncomfortable.

Our appearance grand? I can’t really remember, you all looked fine and were wearing uniform t-shirts I think

Did you enjoy it – best parts? Loved it and was great that even though there were a lot of old folk that couldn’t dance, it was much more entertaining for them than an all night disco – also that it got some of the older ones up that wouldn’t have dance for a disco.

Any suggestions for improvement? Although I’m not great example as I’m not exactly what you’d call anywhere near peak fitness, (although same goes for most of my friends!), I was knackered after the first dance whichwas one of the easier ones apparently, so I’d suggest a couple of slower choreographed ones if that’d work to build up to the hardcore stuff!

Kelly (Belfast Castle, May 2011)

Dear Haste to the Wedding, Having recently booked your services on Sunday 29th May at Belfast Castle, I wish to provide some feedback in terms of your services, I’d firstly like to express how pleased I was with the service I received from your company in terms of your prompt and polite responses to my emails etc. You manage the set , and for that , I am thankful. Indeed, the playing of the live music was exemplary and thoroughly enjoyed by all. The caller encouraged people to remain on the dance floor and many guests later expressed how much they enjoyed the Ceilidh. Overall, the ceilidh was a resounding success.

Lisa & Mark (Corick House, May 2011)

Hi Pete,

Just a quick note to thank you for the entertainment Haste to the Wedding provided at our wedding. The booking process was very easy and straight forward and you answered any questions promptly, replying via e mail or arranging a mutually convenient time to speak by phone. ,

I initially thought the cost of the band was a bit pricey, however for the entertainment the band provided on the night it was more than reasonable and well worth every penny ,

The band and the caller were superb. The band and callers presentation, were very professional. This added and air of reassurance at the start of the night you knew your profession well. I’m saying this as I didn’t have the opportunity to you’s before the night of our wedding, although you’s had been highly recommended on how he made the night with his humor, instructions and he kept the more excitable guests from not getting to carried away! ,

My guests were Irish and English, and the Ceilidh got everyone mixing. It was commented after the wedding , by young and old how the idea of getting a Ceilidh Band was a stroke of genius as it got EVERYONE on the dance floor, bearing in mind that the majority of my guests had never Ceilidh dance before! However im in no doubt this was more to do with your talent as a band, as opposed to anything else. ,

Some of the best parts of the night were seeing the more reserved guests really getting into the swing of the dancing, seeing my brother carry my now sister in law from one end of the room to the other, (and she wasn’t getting the chance to protest), nothing like getting a proper introduction to the family! Oh and not to mention one of our English guests, giving a solo ‘Irish Dance’ at the end of the night! ,

Guests have been talking about the band since, saying what a great ‘do’ it was, and some have said that you’s are probably one of the best wedding bands they’ve come across. ,

If you do decide to put this review on your website all I can say to anyone this is. You will not be disappointed. ,

Lisa and Mark

Jacqui & Wesley (La Mon, May 2011)

Just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful evening at our wedding reception on the 6th of May thoroughly by all (except the new shoest)The evening was great entertainment by both yourselves and the disco. The Scots and English and English contingents all had a ball I woukd thoroughly recommend you forfuture events. Thanks Again Jacqui & Wesley Wallace

Hannah & Greg (Ballyduggan Mill, April 2011)

Dear Pete and an the guys from the Band

We would like to thank you so very much for being there to play °no our special day at the Ballydugan Mill. The music was fantastic and enjoyed by everyone. The dances were terrific, a great mix which everyone enjoyed participating in. The guest at the wedding were an international crowd from New Zealand, America Australia China and then of course closer to home, and so not many had experienced the fun wad energy of an Irish Ceilidh. all thoroughly enjoyed the dancing and it was all made easier by the wonderful caller who had such great enthusiasm and patience as we swung and jumped in an the wrong directions initially but then finally managed to move in the appropriate way.

Your presence certainly made a great day even more special and fun and we win be highly recommending your band to everyone we know for all events

Thank you again

Love Hannah and Greg 2.8th Apr.011 Ballydugan

Sarah (Fermanagh, April 2011)

Hi pete and all the band. Thanks so much for your fantastic contribution to our wedding party at the Manor House Hotel, Killadeas on 9th April. We loved it and so did all our guests.

Ian & Charolette (Portadown, April 2011)

Hi Pete

I want to start by saying a big 'Thank-you' for help, make our wedding day so special. I can't think of anything, that you need to improve. The booking process was seamless and you sorted out our first dance music exactly as we wanted it. You were professional throughout: you looked great, sounded fantastic and created an unbelievable atmosphere for all our guests. The real testimony to your enthusiasm was the number of people who were on the dance floor! The dances themselves were clearly explained, easy. follow and great fun.

Overall we would highly recommend you anyone who asks and there were so many positive comments from our guests about you who had a fantastic time, as did we.

Many thanks again and best wishes for the future.

Ian and Charlotte

Sam (Newcastle, Jan 2011)

The night with you guys was supper. The children from New York and Chicago were able to participate and I have never seen so many people wanting to get on the floor. Booking was easy and your fee was fair. I thought the caller was very good and patient with the slow learners and had a nice balance of humor. I would strongly recommend you to others for a similar occasion. You cater for all ages whereas discos are too noisy and not suitable for all ages. Many thanks for all your good work.

David & Heather (Clandeboy Lodge, Dec 2010)

Dear Haste to the Wedding, Just to say thank you for playing at our wedding on 1st December. Everyone really enjoyed the Ceilidh dancing. A great nights craic. Thanks again.

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